Who is Tipping Point.

We're a digital agency with a difference. We've been exclusively in the digital space since 1998, when Renee's chat over a beer turned into a life changing experience...

Just like Mary’s romance, it all started at the Slip Inn.
One rainy lunch time, after a few beers, we got
creative on the back of a coaster.

tipping point rounded handwriting img

And suddenly, after years of corporate
security, we were out there
on our own.

We traded cubicles for kitchen
tables, and we got very good
at improvisation.


Our roots were in the humble
email, but it was always about
the user - even before every
second person was a UX
expert with a customer
journey up their sleeve.

Understanding what users want

And we broadened out from
email into websites, calculators,
CMS and CRM, to name a few.
But we kept our focus on the
user, and made it all strategic.


And we had a lot of fun.

But we kept it real too - we all like to give back.

Our Big Kitchen
Supporting The
Fred Hollows Foundation
The Nepal earthquake
And now, we’re proud to call this home -
it’s where users become customers.

“Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge; it requires no accountability, no understanding.
The highest form of knowledge, according to George Eliot, is empathy, for it requires us to
suspend our egos and live in another’s world.” Bill Bullard


I want more users to
become customers.

If you have a challenge that you would like to chat through with us, or even to just have a general chat about meeting your users' needs, feel free to get in touch.