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A Brand story - finding a point of difference.

Helping people be the best possible pet parent


Bow Wow Meow.

Since 2008

Our Role:
User Experience strategies, Information Architecture, Creative
Design, Technical development, Content strategy


Renee (14yrs)
Kirsty (16yrs)
Sailen (5yrs)

More about the team

Bow Wow Meow has been servicing Australian pet owners since 1995. They started out selling a range of pet ID tags and moved into the Pet Health Insurance market in 2008. They wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a strong and recognisable brand in the pet care market. We worked with BWM to develop their positioning of helping people to be the best pet parents, creating a new digital tool that was fun and interactive and would introduce their brand to potential dog owners whilst they were still at the early stages of the dog ownership journey.

The challenge was: Using a design thinking process to develop an interactive, digital ‘Breed Selector’ tool that would fill the users' needs (helping them find the right dog breed) whilst also establishing the Bow Wow Meow brand identity.

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Developing the Breed Selector tool was a user-centred project, right from the very start.

BWM were very open to developing the tool from a user’s vantage point and not just the business vantage point thus stepping into the user’s shoes.

Through the development of a set of detailed and forward thinking questions, they aimed to help prospective pet parents to match their dog preferences, home environment, lifestyle and care giving ability with the dog breeds that were most suitable and with which they would be most compatible.

It was believed that offering a tool like this would not only promote the BWM brand but also firmly establish BWM as a company that cares about helping dogs and their owners at each stage of the pet ownership journey.

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We delivered a fun tool that allowed pet owners to research and figure out the best possible match of breed to their lifestyle and preferences.

We ensured the solution was:

  • Responsive
  • Educational
  • Generated leads
BWM Mobile Site

Pet lovers could opt to receive a personalised PDF
of their “Top 10 Breed Matches”, with key info
for each breed to help them make their decision.

Pet Match
Pet Match Mobile

The Breed Selector drew large crowds (and leads)
at the Dog Lovers Show.

Rather than the “traditional” insurance selling approach, which attracts strong resistance, we drew the crowds to the Bow Wow Meow brand by inviting them to interact with our breed selector.

This signifies the beginning of a win – win relationship between the brand and its prospects.

Connect with Pet lovers

The tool allows BWM to connect with prospective dog owners.

At various stages throughout the Breed Selector,
BWM invites users to provide their contact
information in order to maintain a
conversation moving forward.

I want more users to
become customers.

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