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Understanding that it's not about
perfection for these users.

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Our role:
Strategy, IA & Wireframes, Creative Design,
Development & Integration,
Content Strategy + Content Writing,
Analytics & Insight Reporting


Renee (14yrs)
Glen (5yrs)
Ritesh (5yrs)

More about the team

Scotts is a leading lawn and garden company with trusted brands such as Osmocote, Lawn Builder, Miracle-Gro and Defender. They were launching a new organics range and they briefed us to help them with the launch.

The challenge was to get noticed in a crowded “grow your own” market, and demonstrate Scotts' genuine link with organics.

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But it's not about
perfect for users.

It became clear very early on in our discussions with gardeners that "perfect" didn't resonate. It's all about being real and getting involved with the family. They also have a deep connection with sharing the food they've produced with family and friends. Perfect produce just wasn't going to cut it.

That insight gained from user discovery drove our creative approach - it's full of real people and real produce.

They needed help
getting going.

We also discovered that many gardeners were already sold on the IDEA of going organic. They just didn't know how. Some of them had tried in the past, and been burnt because they didn't have enough good advice or the right products.

So we provided help and advice for the novice. The key here was to make organic feel EASY and achievable for anybody.

We did this via videos,
easy to read articles accessible on any device,
and printable help sheets.

“Getting started” Tips and articles.

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If you have a challenge that you would like to chat through with us, or even to just have a general chat about meeting your users' needs, feel free to get in touch.