Westpac Private Banking.

How we made it personal and generated
more new clients.
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Since 2013

Our Role:
User Experience strategies, Information Architecture,
Technical development and Content strategy


Arnaud (10yrs)
Renee (14yrs)
Glen (5yrs)
Sailen (5yrs)

More about the team

Westpac's Private Banking website targets high net worth individuals - a crowded market where it’s hard to stand out. We were briefed to build a new site, with the objectives of increasing leads, lead quality and increasing brand awareness.

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Private Banking: it's about the personal

Our discovery phase found that Westpac's target demographic were triggered by case studies.
Their key question was "what are people like me doing?".

One key focus of the new site was stories that reflected just this. Case studies were tailored to
reflect real life clients, with quotes that would resonate.

Westpac Brand Awareness

And it's personal for
Westpac, too.

The value for Westpac's Private Bank clients isn't in the product - it's in the service. They know they can pick up the phone to someone they know, rather than having to tangle with an anonymous call centre. So we focused on the real Westpac Private Banker team, sharing their stories via interactive ID cards.

Personal for Westpac

Westpac’s competitors
weren’t honing in on
personal bankers
themselves. We took
advantage of this gap in
the market, promoting
the bankers as a human

Helping Westpac
stand out.

We wanted to demonstrate Westpac's offering in a way that would stand out, to showcase the bank’s experience and expertise as well as services.

Our interactive diagrams helped do this, presenting the product range in a way that helped differentiate their offering. It helped address the finding that people did not realise the depth and breadth of the Westpac Private Banking product suite.

Helping Westpac

The results exceeded Westpac's targets.

Not only did we generate more leads, but by adding in a simple filter,
Captcha and asking for specific information, we eliminated lower quality leads.
We hadn't carried out any promotional work, and traffic wasn't a focus, but we saw a traffic increase anyway.

I want more users to
become customers.

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